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crane is a kind of crane used for carrying or storing load in
semi-open or open areas. It offers versatile and economical solutions
in especially open areas and in places where bridge axis clearance is
large. It is advantageous in crane maintenance and lifting group
approaching distance.

gantry crane is a kind of crane that can be used for storage,
transportation, loading and similar works especially in open areas in
sectors related to marble, iron and steel, rolling, construction and
steel construction.

moving on rails laid on the ground has a total of four legs.

can be manufactured as single girder and double girder bridge. It
consists of four main groups consisting of lifting group, gantry
walking group, bridge group and legs. Electrical fixture of the
runways of these cranes can be built in four different ways.

are feeding system with cable cart, cable drum feeding system, closed
busbar and open busbar feeding systems.


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