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Monorail Trolley Hoist Systems

Product Information

WHM-In 50 series monorail-type rope electric hoist; T series of wire rope hoists made more compact by bringing all kinds of different work location are made freely used crane assembly. The most important features of the monorail cranes; safe, that they are long-lasting and easy to maintain machines. Large lifting capacity of our monorail cranes, lifting and different velocities, various mounting options, study characteristics of different regimes to the preference of cranes in this series. This monorail cranes are safely used in over 40 countries due to their excellent properties.

European Union norms and standards üretilmiştir.monoray harvester cranes CE certified and are guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing defects.


  • Stock Code: WHM-I 50
  • Brand: Wimac Crane Engineering
  • Category: Monorail Cranes
  • Warranty: 2 Yıl
  • Date on which it is included : 2.6.2015 1
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